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The "All-In-One" Triple-T Stack

The "All-In-One" Triple-T Stack

The Basement Beast Triple-T Stack is a natural testosterone “turbocharger” you can add to your life to torch more fat, build more muscle, and recover faster.*

  • Increase Muscle Mass And Strength

    Studies have shown that stinging Nettle leaf may increase the amount of free (active) testosterone by binding the testosterone inhibitor sex hormone binding globulin. Free/Active Testosterone is a key factor in increasing Muscle Mass, Strength, and Stamina in men.*
  • Increase Libido

    Low Testosterone causes low sex drive – that is no secret. However, the extract of the Bulbine Natalensis Stem may be used in the management of disorders of desire/libido, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in males.*
  • Burn off Excess Body Fat

    Low testosterone levels are associated with increased fat mass (particularly central adiposity) and reduced lean mass in males. Optimizing testosterone levels in men aids in drastically decreasing body fat. *
  • Improve Mood and Cognitive Performance

    Plasma testosterone levels decrease with age. Hence, rates of depression in men increase with age, while cognitive performance decreases. Optimizing testosterone levels has been shown to reverse these effects in men.*
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How To Use

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement adults under 185lbs, take 2 servings/day; adults between 185lbs and 235lbs, take 3 servings/day; adults over 235lbs, take 4 servings/day.

Split up dosages evenly throughout the day rather than taking all at once. Do not exceed 4 servings per day. Take 20 minutes before meals on empty stomach. For best results, use for 8 weeks and then cycle off for 4 weeks before repeating.


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